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Welcome to Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards

Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards is your online trip-logging, rewards and ridematching system connecting Bellevue workers and residents with information and encouragement for making non-drive-alone transportation alternatives a part of your lifestyle. It's the Bellevue portal to the regional ridematching platform known to many as RideshareOnline.com. By bookmarking the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards login page, you will have access to our local rewards program, as well as regional campaigns and drawings.

Keep track of your non-drive-alone trips and earn rewards for doing so:

Find carpool and vanpool partners across the Puget Sound region. 

Log your trips to track financial, CO2, and gas savings. Log at least eight days of non-drive-alone travel each calendar month (that's only two days each week!) to be eligible for the following:

  • Monthly Perks: Earn a monthly coupon to a local restaurant or retailer. Take a look at some of our past Perks.

Submit a commute inquiry to Choose Your Way Bellevue and we will respond with a customized commute plan to meet your needs! Or, check out trip planners from King County MetroSound Transit or Google (click the transit, walk or bike icons for trip planning for those modes).

Program Eligibility

Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards is open to anyone whose home or work address is within the official Bellevue city limits. Only trips logged to or from a Bellevue location may count towards rewards and promotions.

Choose Your Way Bellevue staff will randomly choose and notify winners after the 7th of the following month. Only trips logged to or from a Bellevue destination are eligible. Gift card rewards must be claimed within 60 days. Choose Your Way Bellevue staff will follow the protocol for non-responsiveness and returned mail. All rewards are only available while supplies last.

Stay up to date on Bellevue transportation with our monthly e-newsletter. For your convenience and benefit all new registrants to the Choose Your Way Bellevue Rewards program (RideshareOnline.com) are automatically subscribed. You can unsubscribe at any time.